Lutèce Courses delivers on time
and looks after your goods.

Our undertakings

Trust and service

We endeavour to remain discrete and efficient. Punctuality and service quality are our strengths. Our team’s honesty, loyalty and impeccable behaviour on a daily basis mean that all of our clients place their trust in us. Our clients come from a wide range of industries, including luxury ready-to-wear clothing, major law firms and advertising agencies. We are used to meeting our clients’ expectations and handling their special events. No nasty overbilling surprises, as waiting time and surcharges are not counted but instead transferred to the relevant category or simply permitted when not excessive. Lutèce Courses undertakes to meet the stipulated lead-times.

Lead-times tailored to your needs

2.5 to three hours maximum
One hour maximum
45min maximum

The lead-times listed above are valid for the Paris area/the city centre. For Paris/the suburbs: 15 minutes extra/outer and inner suburbs. Our bike courier service is only available for inner Paris.


We ensure that your documents are securely delivered

LUTECE COURSES’ delivery service is strictly confidential and this applies to all your sensitive and high-worth goods and documents. Our qualified and responsible employees are trained to meet your needs. We hand-deliver and obtain a signature as proof of delivery.


A service delivered by professionals for professionals

LUTECE COURSES offers its clients personalized services and solutions. Available 24/7 365 days a year. Our teams are on hand to immediately take care of your goods. We learn from each delivery in order to systematically improve our process and consequently optimize our performance.


“No nasty surprises” pricing

LUTECE COURSES has always worked transparently with its clients. Our relationship is based on mutual trust and will give you more peace of mind. Prices are set in advance and are binding, meaning that Lutèce Courses will never over-bill you or give you a nasty surprise. A dedicated contact person remains available and ready to help you.


Bespoke deliveries

LUTECE COURSES offers its clients a wide range of services to meet all of their delivery needs. Equally, we are happy to talk to you and together devise a bespoke service meeting your specific needs. Our responsiveness and availability are our major selling points.